Nikon B500 - After 6 Months

One Hour Video

My entire studio is in a briefcase for onsite remote photography and video.
  • Nikon B500 40x Zoom
    • SanDisk Ultra Plus 16 GB SDHC
    • Tripod
    • Monopod
    • Camera bag
    • Camo hat and shirt
  • Sandisk USB Flash Drives
    • Cruzer Glide 16GB for FileMaker Files
    • Ultra USB 3.0 128GB for Video
Nikon B500
I am using a so called bridge camera with an extreme zoom lens with a 40x zoom that takes 12 megapixel photos and 1080p movies with macro settings at wide angle and 40x. I look forward to upgrading to the 100x zoom version capable of photographing the moon, full frame.

I take thousands of photos and videos a month of nature in its natural state. Plants, trees, flowers, bugs, birds, ants and spiders.
I upload snippets of these as YouTube videos. The original footage can be purchased on my Selfy account.
I also do commercial work to provide bread and butter and a place to sleep.

Today the smartphone has almost decimated the sales of inexpensive, non-professional cameras but the camera I was waiting for has arrived. It is digital, saving me and my client a lot of money in film, processing and proofing. Then I spent considerable amounts on these proofs but today I don’t spend anything extra other than my existing equipment and can show the photographs and videos almost immediately on my iPad or iPhone.

And my sales model has changed and rather than hope for a larger order of expensive prints I charge for my time and deliver everything in the original file format, PDF files, videos and YouTube videos and Facebook images, etc. If you or someone in the family has extensive computer experience, I can deliver all of my files and you can do what you want with them, no problem. I can also provide editing services or contact info of even more talented editors.

Construction Site Video and Photography
Scheduled onsite videography and photography can create a chronological history of the work that can be compiled into a video for YouTube, etc.

Auto Sales

YouTube Videos
YouTube is a platform designed for Automobile Dealers. It doesn’t replace a web page or blog but it offers exciting potential for letting a prospective customer or existing customer who wants to upgrade brows your inventory.

You can also use PDF files that exploit the cars many features.

Yes, manufacturers provide expensive pamphlets for the customer to browse in your show room.

But nothing beats the online shopping experience which has become defacto today.

Used Cars

What if your potential customer could watch a video showing every aspect of the used car? EBay and Craigslist sellers will show every bump and scratch on the product and people shop accordingly.

Looking at the car from every angle leads the customer to taking possession of the car without any of the negatives that might be felt with the hovering hungry salesman. Before the customer walks on your lot they have decided to buy the car.


Printed matter is expensive and those glossy catalogs cost a small fortune to produce and only those who happen to be in the showroom when one or more are available on the shelves will get to see them. No catalog, no see. Money wasted?

A PDF file can contain the same images, the same data and can be emailed, downloaded and even cast on your in-house TV 
Create a Video from your photos and videos

Digitize that shoebox full of family photographs