One Hour Video

My entire studio is in a briefcase for onsite remote photography and video.
Nikon B500 40x Zoom
I am using a so called bridge camera with an extreme zoom lens with a 40x zoom that takes 12 megapixel photos and 1080p movies with macro settings at wide angle and 40x. I look forward to upgrading to the 100x zoom version capable of photographing the moon, full frame.
SanDisk Ultra Plus 16 GB SDHC
Rechargeable batteries
2 Eveready NiMH Battery Chargers
8+ Eveready NiMH AA Batteries
Camera bag
Camo hat and shirt
I am not using any Mac or Windows desktop as I want a completely mobile setup with cellular connection where I can create videos within one hour or less.
iPad Pro 12.9 v2 256 Gigabytes 
Apple Pencil
Otterbox Defender Case
iPhone 8 Plus 256 Gigabytes 
Otterbox Defender Case
Apple Attachments for IOS Devices
USB to download from camera
SD Card Reader
Logitech K60 Solar Bluetooth Keyboard
Sandisk USB Flash Drives
Cruzer Glide 16GB for FileMaker Files
Ultra USB 3.0 128GB for Video