Construction Site Video and Photography
Scheduled onsite videography and photography can create a chronological history of the work that can be compiled into a video for YouTube, etc.

Auto Sales

YouTube Videos
YouTube is a platform designed for Automobile Dealers. It doesn’t replace a web page or blog but it offers exciting potential for letting a prospective customer or existing customer who wants to upgrade brows your inventory.

You can also use PDF files that exploit the cars many features.

Yes, manufacturers provide expensive pamphlets for the customer to browse in your show room.

But nothing beats the online shopping experience which has become defacto today.

Used Cars

What if your potential customer could watch a video showing every aspect of the used car? EBay and Craigslist sellers will show every bump and scratch on the product and people shop accordingly.

Looking at the car from every angle leads the customer to taking possession of the car without any of the negatives that might be felt with the hovering hungry salesman. Before the customer walks on your lot they have decided to buy the car.