Prints, Etc.

Prints, Etc.

The oldest known photographic print is almost 200 years old and was made on metal. The chemicals used were toxic and photographers were known by their black fingertips.

My oldest known photograph was a few more than 60 years ago when I owned a Kodak Brownie 127 roll film camera. It took almost a week to get those 12 prints back from the drugstore.

Polaroid produced instant prints, if you were willing to wait a minute for them to develop. 

Now we have instant photographs in a second or less using our phones. There are apps that let us do all sorts of interesting things with our photos and videos.

Computers and smartphones

Files can be emailed, picked up on a web page, copied to USB flash drives, transferred to your iPad or iPhone or Mac using AirDrop and other methods too many to discuss.

Photo Apps





A PDF file can contain the same images, the same data and can be emailed, downloaded and even cast on your in-house TV screen.

Printed matter is expensive and those glossy catalogs cost a small fortune to produce and only those who happen to be in the showroom when one or more are available on the shelves will get to see them. No catalog, no see. Money wasted?


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Color Laser