The digital camera that I use has changed the way I think about photography and video.
I am a dinosaur and began taking photographs in 1956 or so. Then I might spend hours in the darkroom or a small fortune on film and proofs and hours of travel.
 Now I use a Nikon B500 and can take hundreds of photographs and a hour or two of video and it doesn’t cost anything as it is digital and my memory card is reusable. The 40x zoom lens enables head shots from many feet away making my work not intrusive.
We can view the photographs on my iPad and iPhone instantly (well, within a minute or two) rather than have to leave and develop and proof and then return and take an order and leave and have it printed and then return. This saves many hours of labor and travel.
I take the pictures and I show them to you, now rather than in a week.


Natural Life Family Portraits

We love those posed portraits that have professional lighting, retouching and backgrounds but somehow we know they aren’t ‘real’ and don’t show us as we really are but how the photographer wants to portray us.
I do not use flash or intrusive equipment. The natural lite is excellent and often creates a mood that flash erases.
Decades ago I began photographing the family children in an about their home without interfering in their activities and people were astonished at the naturalness of my photographs and how I captured the child they saw everyday, the child they loved.
Since I am not your typical professional photographer with a large financial investment in equipment, the overhead of an office and studio, advertising and all of the other expenses, I have chosen a different business model based on the digital file and the savings it brings.
And my sales model has changed and rather than hope for a larger order of expensive prints I charge for my time and deliver everything in the original file format, PDF files, videos and YouTube videos and Facebook images, etc. If you or someone in the family has extensive computer experience, I can deliver all of my files and you can do what you want with them, no problem. I can also provide editing services or contact info of even more talented editors.
Hourly Rate
I charge by the hour based on the rigors of the job, the expectations of the client and the ability to pay. I also barter if you have something I would like to have or that I could sell or barter with someone else.
Choices for your photographs
PDF and eBook
Blog Pages
YouTube Videos
Apps to manipulate the photos

After the photographs are taken
My fees are by the hour and not based on a high volume of sales of expensive prints. One reason for this is the many ways the files can be printed, duplicated, shared and displayed. Also I prefer to not be a sales person since you can do all of the ordering of prints and albums from many online web sites. I will provide a list of what I have found and you can choose what you prefer.
You do all the work
I will deliver to you all of the files (photographs) that I have taken and you can do as you wish with them. You can order all of the prints, albums, books etc. from others.
I do the work
We will review the photographs and you decide what you want. I will handle all of the ordering of prints, create PDF files, edit video, etc. at the hourly rate. You will pay for the extra expense of prints, albums, books, etc.
Online Store
All of the images can be placed online and your relatives, friends and others can order the files for their own keeping. They can order prints and the other items.

Today the smartphone has almost decimated the sales of inexpensive, non-professional cameras but the camera I was waiting for has arrived. It is digital, saving me and my client a lot of money in film, processing and proofing. Then I spent considerable amounts on these proofs but today I don’t spend anything extra other than my existing equipment and can show the photographs and videos almost immediately on my iPad or iPhone.