Shoebox Memories to Video

Digitize that shoebox full of family photographs
Many families have shoeboxes filled with aging photos tucked away in their closets that no one knows about and no one gets to see.
Create a Video from your photos and videos
Digital cameras and camcorders can take those family photos hidden away in shoeboxes and old paper albums and transform them into a delightful video that can be shared with all family members with zero extra costs (except for the internet connection or flash drive or CD or DVD disk.

Imagine creating for generations to come a video where family members record their thoughts and dreams just like people are posting on the various social media sites.

Digital files shared among many people may eliminate the loss of priceless photographs from fire, flood or other action.

You don’t have to be a professional or highly skilled to produce an interesting and valuable video of your family photos. You can spread them on the coffee table and then pass your smart phone over them capturing the images to be edited in easy to use apps. The most important tool is your willingness to do this.

Forget trying to mimic someone else or produce a certain look. Just do it. You can add details later using voice, text or even hand writing using the phone to capture your hand. You get the idea.